Sports 4 Change

Children and youth are impressionable. There we said it!! If not guided properly at the right time, they succumb to evils like alcohol, tobacco, drugs or anti social activities.

Playing a sport is an excellent way to effectively channelize their enormous energy in the right direction and preparing them to be model citizens and ideal humans. Sportsmen who work towards their highest potential can inspire countless others to Endeavour for excellence and be stellar examples of ideal citizens.

Our young sports champions partake in volunteering in activities like blood camps, scribing; tree plantation drives, pond cleaning, and flood relief work. They are also ready to step up as community foot soldiers in the event of natural disasters and calamities. There is constant emphasis on the importance of sensitivity and respect towards themselves, their families and ultimately, society.

More than 800 of our beneficiaries volunteered over 3000 hours in social initiatives so far.