What We do

Sports 4 All

Sports 4 All is an initiative to promote the concept of sports amongst children from all backgrounds and to engage them in sports; especially football and boxing as a means to fitness. Improving health through sports is the key agenda of this project. Overseen by professional coaches, the program aims at a happy, healthy and fit India. So far, we have reached out to over 2500 children through the Sports 4 All program. We provide sports equipment to the hubs we work in and engage children in tournaments. These hubs serve as a platform for budding coaches to start their career and learn.

Additional support provided is in the form of football and boxing sports kits, diet, special camps, sports equipment, medical assistance, local and outstation tournament, higher education support for deserving students to enable them to play to their fullest potential.

Sports 4 Employment

We encourage young budding sportspersons with skills needed to take up lucrative jobs in the sporting world. Our beneficiaries have gone on to work in respectable positions as football and boxing coaches; acting as torchbearers of our work. 19 beneficiaries have been placed in sports related jobs.

Sports 4 Women

Sport has the power to define lives. It teaches women and girls the power of teamwork, self-reliance, resilience and confidence, thereby becoming one of the great drivers of gender equality.

Women in sport defy gender stereotypes and social norms make inspiring role models, and show men and women as equals. Promoting the representation of Indian women in sports is Victory Sports Foundation’s project.

We have coached around 120 women in foot ball and conducted 3 tournaments to celebrate women in sports. We have also conducted self-defense classes for girls in the community as a way to empower them and instill confidence.

Sports Tournaments

Tournaments are a great way to endorse the spirit of sportsmanship and mutual learning.
Victory Sports Foundation facilitates and hosts-root level tournaments across Tamil Nadu. Players from among the participants in these tournaments qualify for scholarships. Every year, participants continue to impress at the biggest stage and duly get rewarded for their achievements.3 tournaments were conducted with over 840 participants in 2018-19 and 600 participants in 2019-20

Swami Vivekananda Tournament

Our flagship tournament. Extremely popular within sports circles and revered by sports enthusiasts in Tamil Nadu. Teams battle it out for the coveted Swami Vivekananda trophy. 3 editions have been conducted successfully so far. Over 1000 young champions have participated, making this a phenomenal platform.

Sports 4 Change

Children and youth are impressionable. There we said it!! If not guided properly at the right time, they succumb to evils like alcohol, tobacco, drugs or anti social activities.
Playing a sport is an excellent way to effectively channelize their enormous energy in the right direction and preparing them to be model citizens and ideal humans. Sportsmen who work towards their highest potential can inspire countless others to Endeavour for excellence and be stellar examples of ideal citizens.
Our young sports champions partake in volunteering in activities like blood camps, scribing; tree plantation drives, pond cleaning, and flood relief work. They are also ready to step up as community foot soldiers in the event of natural disasters and calamities. There is constant emphasis on the importance of sensitivity and respect towards themselves, their families and ultimately, society.
More than 800 of our beneficiaries volunteered over 3000 hours in social initiatives so far.

School Adoption Programs

Working at the grassroots level requires pushing defined strategies and being flexible. Victory Sports Foundation sometimes goes beyond engaging in sports activities.
The school adoption program focuses on aiding the schools we work in to impart quality education to the students. In addition to supporting sports needs, we fulfill other requirements with the aim to equip schools to raise their standards.
We conduct special coaching sessions; provide tuition fees for needy students, conduct school campus cleaning drives, provided small infrastructure up- gradation works in the schools we work in. Till date, we have adopted 4 schools (Yelagiri Govt School and Govt Model School, Triplicane, Sathyamurthy High School and Corporation School, MGR Nagar) and are working to promote them as institutes for sporting excellence.